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Inspections (21)

  • Inspections on
    June 2019
  • 1A Dalworth Street, Albion $670,000 - $710,000
    Thursday 5:30PM - 6:00PM
    https://assets.boxdice.com.au/bellsproperty/attachments/099/0b9/icon_bed.png?103b59cde6bf7714c310f36efdf58d2f&fit=x30 3 https://assets.boxdice.com.au/bellsproperty/attachments/36a/502/icon_bath.png?a3c735582cc2ab83e8002880c52295d3&fit=x30 2 https://assets.boxdice.com.au/bellsproperty/attachments/39f/cba/icon_car.png?3cb42e600065501c76c2c3039ad8da51&fit=x301
    Lightwood Bula Bula Galk
    Lightwood Bula Bula Galk “Scalise Studios” architectural brief was straight forward. Take inspiration from the indigenous landscape of nearby Kororoit Creek and the Wurundjeri history of the Western Plains. Design the home to take advantage of the latest in sustainable technology whilst future-proofing for those who live in them. Ensure that it’s radiantly lit, generously proportioned and eminently versatile in its dimensions and finally...